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History of Suttle Costa Rica 1989-2017

In 1989, Suttle opened a production facility in Alajuela, Costa Rica to manufacture traditional products for the global marketplace. The plant employed over 100 workers and 20 support staff including management, engineers, designers, quality assurance, procurement, materials, and logistics specialists.

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ISE Magazine’s ICT Influencers

ISE_CoverICT Influencers direct change with knowledge and character rather than with a big, booming voice. They know their area of expertise like they know the backs of their hands and constantly seek to learn and conquer new opportunities across the telecom industry.
ICT Influencers lead by example and walk their talk.

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FutureLink™ High-Density Panels for central office and beyond

A309x1_FiberPanel48_ClosedAs the demand grows for more and more high-speed voice, data and video services, service providers are expanding Central Office infrastructure to provide the bandwidth needed to support these new applications.


FutureLink™ high-density panels are designed to be an efficient solution for installation in a central office or any controlled environment enclosure such as outdoor cabinets, remote terminals, Huts, CEVs, etc. These panels are designed with a common chassis architecture that allows for multiple configurations. Continue reading

Play in Any Field—Brownfield and Greenfield—with MediaMAX™ Premise Distribution System.

Media<strong>MAX</strong>™ Enclosure

The new MediaMAX™ brand for reliable premise connectivity meets the increasing demand for wired and wireless high-speed triple play connectivity throughout the home and small office. Designed to optimize installation cost and practices while maximizing coverage and bandwidth at the point of use for multiple deployment topologies, these products lower service providers’ total cost of ownership.


MediaMAX™ includes a premise connectivity and distribution system, featuring plastic modular enclosures and tool-less, snap-in modules to minimize wireless interference. Efficient door ventilation maximizes heat dissipation and equipment shelf, brackets, and cable management accessories provide organized and secure mounting. Enclosures are lighter weight than traditional metal and offer flexible mounting options for ONT, Gateway, and BBU installations. The solid panel design is UL Listed, meeting UL 2416 Issue 2 requirements. Continue reading

Ultimate FTTx Deployment Flexibility with FutureLink™ SFIT System

SFIT System

As the future of network infrastructure planning is often uncertain, service providers look for a flexible, yet robust solution for FTTx deployments. Understanding this need, Suttle developed an innovative platform solution as part of the FutureLink™ fiber connectivity family.


The FutureLink™ Stackable Fiber Interface Terminal (SFIT) system is designed for ultimate fiber distribution flexibility for configuration and placement. The SFIT platform is designed for indoor, outdoor, SFU, MDU, and business applications; and it is mountable on a wall, pole, strand or pedestal.
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Featuring intuitive cable and fiber routing for craft friendliness; integrated bend controls and strain reliefs to ensure fiber performance; and horizontally positioned terminal adapters to prevent moisture ingress—the SFIT system contributes to lower total cost of ownership (TCO) for service providers. Continue reading

The Road to Connectivity Reimagined

Connectivity Reimagined tells the story of a unique 100 plus year old telecommunications company. Derived from decades of experience and adjustment to changes in the industry, this tagline describes the essence of Suttle today.

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Introducing FutureLink™

FutureLink Products

In today’s hyperconnected society, service providers must deliver reliable networks with higher speeds at affordable rates, while anticipating future demands. Constantly changing technology and customer needs often make this a difficult challenge. FutureLink™, Suttle’s new umbrella brand encompassing next generation fiber and copper connectivity solutions, addresses these key issues.


Overall installation and maintenance time is greatly reduced with the FutureLink™ products. Installation is made easy with tool-less technology, while the secure snap-in connections result in seamless transmission, reducing the likelihood of future repairs. Continue reading

Considerations in VDSL/VDSL2 Implementation

Today’s service providers face more competition than ever before. The boundaries separating services (voice, data, and video) are disappearing and customers seeking those services are being courted by telephone, cable, satellite, and wireless providers, each of which offers some or all of the components users want. The days of the single service provider are clearly numbered, and competition from providers who can deliver a full slate of services can be a very real threat to an existing subscriber base.

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