Suttle Solutions | MediaMAX™ Tool-less CAT6 jack, the MAX Jack

MediaMAX™ Tool-less CAT6 jack, the MAX Jack

MAX_JackAt the very end of all broadband deployments is the jack. With all the money spent in equipment and installation of the network, a quality jack is just as critical in the delivery of the expected service.


The MediaMAX™ Tool-less CAT6 Jack delivers a reliable, cost-effective connection. This jack drives maximum performance with tool-less toggles for gas tight and secure cable connections. Color-coded wire schemes (568A or 568B) and toggle windows eliminate installer guesswork saving time and money. Simply snap the terminated jack into a keystone or SpeedStar™ wall plate to finish the installation.


“One of our key areas of focus is deskilling labor and finding new ways to enable faster install for all deployments in the gigabit era. This craft-friendly tool-less jack simplifies the job and increases overall efficiency by allowing quick and easy installation,” said George Wakileh, CSI Chief Technology Officer and Business Development.  “Saving time and money lowers providers’ costs giving them the ability to maintain their competitive edge.”


“Consistent and reliable tool-less IDC termination with a maximum CAT6 rating makes this a superior performing jack,” continues Mr. Wakileh.  ”CSI is dedicated to relentlessly delivering creative and innovative products for all hybrid network domains.”


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