Play in any field with MediaMAX™

grandslam_2016The MediaMAX™ Premise Distribution system is designed to meet today’s needs for enhanced CAT6 and wireless connectivity as well as house ONT and wireless residential gateways in close proximity to traditional media panels.

This system utilizes plastic components wherever possible to minimize wireless interference. Additionally, improved MAX panel venting allows for superior heat dissipation.

Designed for both greenfield and brownfield applications, MediaMAX™ MAX panels provide added space to secure residential gateways and next generation ONT and battery backup systems within new or existing media panels.

The unique deep-lid expansion panel feature allows use of space in front of and above existing wiring panels.

MediaMAX™ MAX panels are also compatible with SOHO Access™ modules.

MediaMAX™ Premise Distribution System | MediaMAX™ and SOHO Access™ Modules