Go Green with Suttle!

Suttle is going green for selected green packed media panels and covers. Customers purchasing our green packs can save up to 95% on freight and storage charges, onsite labor costs and onsite waste.

Don't settle

Don’t Settle. Suttle!

Suttle designs components specifically to fit inside Suttle media panels. “Creative” guesswork is eliminated from the process and the installation time is reduced with a guided layout and/or components pre-installed by Suttle.

Intelligent Home Connectivity

Suttle Intelligent Home Connectivity solutions integrate active Power-over-Ethernet (PoE) and uninterruptible power supply (UPS) into a SINGLE managed hardware and software platform.

Home Connectivity Solutions

Home Connectivity Solutions

Connecting intelligent homes and offices to support IoT and automation begins and ends with MediaMAX....

The Suttle Advantage

SERVICE PROVIDER Friendly DEVELOPER/CONTRACTOR Friendly DEVELOPER/END USER Friendly   Streamlined planning and procurement Plug-and-Play Installation...
Why wires matter

Why Wires Matter More Than Ever – A Brief

Structured wiring in the era of wireless connectivity. The convenience of whole home WiFi comes...
Technical Literature

Technical Literature

Drawings and Specs ARCAT CSI 3 Part Specifications Product Drawings – CAD Videos MediaMAX Panel...

Intelligent Homes Start with MediaMAX™

Connecting the intelligent home and office to support IoT and automation begins and ends with MediaMAX. Properties ready for automation and gigabit connectivity command higher value for sale and rental. Build to gigabit requirements and get your project done in a snap with the MediaMAX Distribution System.