Cabling Pointers for HomePNA Installations

#SuttleSaysDue to the frequency sensitivity of the HomePNA signal there are a few things that should be considered when training technicians installing HomePNA over coax.

  • Compression connectors are a must. Crimp connectors can damage the dielectric and have an uncontrolled connection to the shielding.
  • Make sure the dielectric of the coax is flush with the inner base of the compression connector (not protruding or recessed in relation with the inner base). This helps guarantee a solid connection.
  • Use resistive splitters instead of standard type splitters whenever possible. With standard coax splitters, the port isolation is too high. If your only option on an install is to use a standard splitter the input must be left open (unconnected).
  • Test, Test, Test – Insufficient testing is one of the leading causes of reported problems and often leads to excessive modification to home wiring, which is time consuming. Changing a connector only takes a minute, but changing a cable can take an hour. A lack of testing leads to uncertainty and over time, creates a preference for un-necessary re-wiring.

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