Common Cause for RJ31X Failures

A common report we hear from the field is an open problem on RJ31X jacks.
To date we have found 100% of the reports were due to damage caused by inserting a 6-pin plug (RJ11 or RJ14) into the 8-pin RJ31X socket.

An RJ45 8-pin socket can typically be used for connecting a standard RJ11 or RJ14 phone plug, as the center pairs are wired the same whether using a 6-pin plug or an 8-pin plug. However, when used in an RJ31X, a 6-pin plug renders the RJ31X essentially useless for its intended purpose of monitoring and seizing line one in the case of an emergency.

The reason is when the 6-pin plug is inserted into an 8-pin socket, the outer pins (1 & 8) bend and many times won’t spring back to their normal position. Afterwards when an 8-pin plug is inserted, the conductors do not make contact and the result is an open circuit. This becomes a critical problem when an RJ31X is involved in a security panel installation, as the jack is compromised if and when the security system needs to seize the lines to make a call to the security monitoring company. For more information, you can contact us at 1-800-852-8662.