Connected Home/Business

Connected Home imagesThe demand for bigger, better, faster home and business networking continues and the challenge is to deliver more bandwidth and high-speed performance.

A smart premise starts and continues with the distribution of service inside the unit. Wireless technology has changed practices requiring updates in metal enclosures to plastic broadband and wireless friendly panels.

Network technology is a consideration. When comparing the performance of fiber (FTTH) against cable, DSL or wireless, the clear winner is fiber.  Regardless of technology, MediaMAX has a connectivity solution for homes and businesses, for new or retrofit projects.

The MediaMAX™ Premise Distribution System offers a flexible set of products designed for fiber or CAT6 deployments. The plastic MediaMAX panel meets UL2416 fire resistance criteria for in-wall installations. That means you can protect ONT’s, gateways, battery backups and wiring modules in a single enclosure that mounts in the wall for a neat and streamlined appearance. For retrofits, a plastic deep-lid expansion cover allows use of the space in front of and above existing wire panels.

Another key piece of the premise network are the distribution modules. The CAT6 Gateway Termination Module is tool-less, plastic, and designed to support CAT6 voice and data network connections. Also popular are the SAM-V8 voice distribution module and SAM-D8 CAT5e voice/data patch module.

Suttle replaced the metal SOHO Access™ Cabinet with a plastic MediaMAX™ panel to create a wireless device friendly solution for housing structured network equipment. For more details of this evolution read the Case Study: Implementation of Structured Wiring Cabinet for Optical Network Equipment in MDUs.

The last termination point is the wall jack. A quality jack is so important because its failure can reduce performance making all the time and money spent in the project for naught.  The tool-less CAT6 Data Jack makes reliable connections and saves time and money.

Fiber Wall Plates are utilized when fiber distribution runs all the way into the premise.  They feature flexibility of access, mounting options and fiber slack storage wall jacks.

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