Don’t Settle…

…for Time Consuming Installation
Each and every installation requires extra “creativity” and time to figure out the layout.
Hourly rates X The time spent on guessing = Increased installation costs

…for a Non-replicable Process
No two homes are set up the same way, so planning and time management are challenging.
Installation time variances + unpredictable project timelines = Unpredictable cost of installation

…for Low Quality
Low quality adhesive tapes fail under stress. Raising heat inside the box melts the adhesive tapes exposing the equipment to the risk of a drop and impact. Heat buildup decreases life of electronics.
Repeat visit to fix the setup = Increased labor costs

…for Poor Customer Experience
Customers are highly critical and start perceiving the builder as low quality.
What else is done poorly? Where else did they cut corners? Should I be building with them?


Minimum Installation Time
Suttle designs components specifically to fit inside Suttle media panels. “Creative” guesswork is eliminated from the process and the installation time is reduced with a guided layout and/or components pre-installed by Suttle.
Hourly rates X Reduced time = Decreased installation costs

Replicable Solutions
The one-part number contractor kit solution allows the installers to repeat the installation in the same fashion and reduced time.
Installation time slots + Predictable project timelines = Predictable cost of installation

High Quality
Suttle designs components specifically with heat dissipation and rigidity in mind.
High quality accessories attach devices to the media panel dramatically reducing the risk of equipment drops and impacts.
No repeat visit to fix the setup = Labor cost under control

Excellent Customer Experience
By using Suttle components and solutions, customers will not second-guess the builder’s or installer’s quality.
I can trust this builder. I will build with them!