Edge of Network

The edge of the network is the last link in the Outside Plant system before the signal transitions inside the premise—be it residential or commercial. This last mile of connectivity typically includes a combination of above ground, below ground and/or wireless technology. This can create a challenge for service providers who must deal with a variety of fiber, copper and hybrid networks.

Network connectivity at the edge involves competing priorities including limited space, especially in multiple family/tenant dwellings. Some providers have to scale high-rise buildings to bring service to each unit; others have to split the signal on the ground at a pedestal or in the air from a pole.

To get the job done right, service providers need different enclosure sizes with corresponding internal components configurable for slack storage, patch, split, and/or splice functionality.

Our  FutureLink™ brand offers fiber connectivity products for gigabit speeds.  They allow service providers to grow and upgrade as required through a variety of modular and stackable enclosures, termination modules, connectors/adapters, and fiber cables.

Lower total cost of ownership and add value to deployments with product features such as plug-and-play and tool-less connectors that help to shorten installation times, lower required skill-level of installer, and reduce installation costs.

Products are designed for indoor or outdoor environments and for single family homes and neighborhoods, garden style and high-rise buildings, or MDU/MTU applications.

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