Intelligent Homes Start with MediaMAX™

Connecting the intelligent home and office to support IoT and automation begins and ends with MediaMAX.
Properties ready for automation and gigabit connectivity command higher value for sale and rental.

Build to gigabit requirements and get your project done in a snap with the MediaMAX Distribution System.

Start with the Panel

Securely Connected
wired networks from the panel to the jack provide the best performance, security and control for sensitive devices.

Wireless access points provide coverage to those hard to reach areas.

WiFi Optimized
plastic construction improves wireless range compared to metal boxes.

Durable yet lightweight and modular, our panels work great for quick and easy one person installation and field upgrades.

Worry-Free Housing
keeps electronics cool and organized with shelving and cable guides. Modems and gateways fit neatly inside media panel!

Intelligent Home Connectivity

Suttle Intelligent Home Connectivity solutions integrate active Power-over-Ethernet (PoE) and uninterruptible power supply (UPS) into a SINGLE managed hardware and software platform.

Snap-in Modules

for data, voice and video made to service provider specs for that extra worry-free feeling –you’re starting to see the pattern…

Even better, many modules are tool-less to make your job a breeze!

Finish your Project

with jacks and faceplates. Suttle tool-less innovation is becoming the standard for structured wiring! Get secure connections and easy installation with the tool-less CAT6 jack.

Additional voice and data jacks are accessorized with virtually unbreakable traditional and downward facing faceplates.

Want to hear more about MediaMAX? Have a project in mind?
Just let us know and we’ll contact you.