Media Panels Simplify Networking

#SuttleSaysMore and more people are turning houses into smart homes with the ability to remotely control appliances, lights, computers, security cams, etc. from a computer, tablet or smart phone. It can be a nightmare trying to manage all the cables and connections unless you simplify network deployment with a media panel.

A media panel has several basic functions. It terminates all of the service from the service providers (telephone, DSL, CATV, cable modems, wireless devices, etc., distributes the audio/data/video signals throughout the premise, and groups together the control modules providing the smart home automation capabilities.

A media panel simplifies network deployments because it centralizes terminations, makes configuration changes and upgrades much easier and increases the value of the home as it becomes more attractive to a prospective buyer.

The MediaMAX Panel is designed to meet today’s needs for enhanced CAT6, Coax, and wireless connectivity.