Case Study – MediaMAX for a Connected Senior Living MDU

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Overview and Customer ChallengeLegends Senior Living
Atlas Infrastructure is an Electrical-Technology Systems Contractor who has used Suttle products for the last 7 years. They approached Suttle with a project to distribute data and coax in a new construction development involving several senior living MDU buildings located throughout the Minneapolis/St. Paul metro area.

The first building has 193 units, 300,000 sq. ft., 4-stories, and a wood frame. There will be at least two more similar MDU structures to follow, so they were looking for a consistent solution for all buildings. Initially one provider is slated for service; however, the project requires the ability to make future changes or upgrades at the unit level without touching the rest of the network.

For this project, Atlas identified the need for a panel in each unit with RF coaxial modules. A 30” MediaMAX panel was installed in a central location to manage and control the network. Each apartment can independently choose level of connectivity and provider.

According to Jeff Shaw, Atlas Infrastructure Director of Operations, “The MediaMAX products go in real slick and we found no issues installing them.” Other factors that influenced their decision to go with Suttle were overall cost, intuitive installation, and the clearly labeled 568A/568B wiring scheme on the data modules.

Installing a MediaMAX media panel in each family unit creates a single access point for managing the voice/data/video services without affecting the service in surrounding units.

Mr. Shaw states that “MediaMAX products are our standard for MDU installations as there is very little technician training required. Using the same configuration solution throughout the project also means no retraining of a new crew and saves time and installation costs as subsequent buildings are completed.”

The MediaMAX system is designed for structured cabling layouts that distribute voice, data, and video for in-building applications including apartments, townhouses, and single family houses. The medium sized panel allows room for changes and additional equipment such as a WiFi router. Cable runs get routed from each room back into the media panel where they are terminated via voice, data, or RF splitter modules mounted inside the panel. This deployment solution allows for future upgrades as well as changes in service providers.

In addition, the MediaMAX panel is wireless device friendly providing building owners flexibility to add new technology and/or service provider.

Suttle Products:
MXE-30E-1G2: 30” MediaMAX panel
MediaMAX Video Modules
MediaMAX Data Modules