“Newstips Bulletin” reviews the MediaMAX™ tool-less CAT6 jack

Get the connection right the first timeTermination of CAT6 tool-less jack

The last time you needed to wire a wall jack for an Ethernet cable, was it easy? Did you get it right? Were you able to punch down all the connections & have good connections for all of them on the first try? Did you have to do your work with the jack already attached to the wall plate? How close to the jack were you able to let the pairs stay twisted?

We asked to review Suttle MediaMAX tool-less CAT 6 jacks because they came up with a way to dodge all those bullets.

Push until it clicks and you’re done!

You strip the jacket & push the pairs (2 on the top, 2 on the bottom) into the numbered & color-coded ports on its wings with only the last half inch untwisted; squeezing the wings until they click makes the connection through the insulation on the wires with nothing to trim.

The jack can mount in a standard keystone hole from the back & you can add a front colored bezel (8 supplied) – push until it clicks & you’re done.

Bottom line: Suttle MediaMAX tool-less CAT 6 jacks not only save time & labor either for you or for the crew you hire for the job & also get the connection right the first time.”