Case Study – Retrofitting Business with CAT6 Data Technology

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Overview and Customer ChallengeNorthern Brewer
Atlas Infrastructure is an Electrical-Technology Systems Contractor who has used Suttle products for the last 7 years. They needed to estimate a retrofit project for a brewing supply business in the Minneapolis/St. Paul metro area. The project involved upgrading the network to CAT6 and moving communication cables out of a shared wire closet into a dedicated enclosure for voice and data.

The building is a 2-story wood and brick structure with offices located in the basement area and a first floor sales and product demo area. The project included pulling new data cables into the basement and first floor showroom, routing these cables into new and existing wall boxes and terminating with a data jack. Existing voice jacks would be inserted in the same faceplate with data jacks so data jacks would need to be labeled.

Terminate each data line with a MediaMAX™ tool-less CAT6 jack, replace faceplates with a MediaMAX multiple-port faceplate and use color-coded mounting bezels to label data jacks.

According to Jeff Shaw, Atlas Infrastructure Director of Operations, “I thought a small project like this would be a good way to check out this new jack.” Steve Dahl, Technician at Atlas, “I was surprised when I saw how different this jack looked.”

“I had heard of the tool-less jack, but this was my first chance to use one.” He went on to explain, “It took me 3 or 4 tries before I got the hang of it but you can really feel the wires go in all the way.” The tool-less toggle data jack has finger operated toggles that provide a tight fit that you can actually feel. And the toggle windows let you see that each wire is fully inserted into the IDC before you lock it in.

At each station, a MediaMAX multiple port faceplate was installed over a standard wall gang box to hold both voice and data jacks. According to Steve Dahl, “The jacks click right into place for a nice fit.” To solve the problem of labeling data lines, the tool-less data jack includes a selection of 8 color-coded mounting bezels for a customized install.

In this project, Mr. Dahl used the orange bezel to mark the first data line and the blue bezel to mark the second data line and the neutral bezel for a voice line.

The MediaMAX Tool-less CAT6 jack provides secure connections with strong cable retention, color coded wire guides and toggle windows for no guesswork. It requires no tools for termination of wire pairs and includes 8 color coded bezels to label jacks and tightly mount them into a keystone style faceplate.

When asked what he thinks of the new data jack, Mr. Shaw said, “According to my technicians, the tool-less toggles are a great improvement over punching!”

Suttle Products:
STAR6000C6T: MediaMAX ™ Tool-less CAT6 Jack
2-2503-85: MediaMAX™ Faceplate