Plastic is in and metal is out

#SuttleSaysIf you are looking for a media panel for a home or business network, just remember this simple Rule of Thumb:

Lightweight, durable, less expensive, fire-resistant thermoplastic enclosures are rapidly replacing the old metal box panels of yesterday. But the driving force behind the demand for plastic is the increasing use of wireless devices. Let’s face it, when it comes to wireless devices, being surrounded by metal objects can severely reduce the operating range and signal quality of a wireless device rendering them almost useless.

If you can only receive WiFi in one corner of a room, then your wireless device may need to be relocated. The best place to install a wireless device is in the middle of the desired target coverage area. Try to stay away from metal objects like filing cabinets, appliances, and enclosures constructed of metal.

The MediaMAX Panel is a media panel constructed of thermoplastic which makes it wireless device friendly. It is lightweight yet durable, easy to install, UL listed for fire retardant properties and designed for in-wall installation for new or retro-fit home or business applications.

The MediaMAX Panel Deep-Lid Cover fits over exposed components mounted on a flat backboard or replaces a metal panel cover to upgrade it to a WiFi capable panel.