Thank you for your interest in the FutureLink™ product line. Effective April 5, 2019, manufacturing and order fulfillment for FutureLink™ products has been transferred to PPC Broadband Inc. (“PPC”).

For more information about these products, please contact PPC’s Customer Service department at 1-800-800-6652 or by email at customerservice@ppc-online.com

FutureLink™ allows service providers to grow and upgrade as required through a variety of modular and stackable enclosures, splitter modules, connectors/adapters, and fiber cables.

Products are designed for small to large capacity requirements, indoor or outdoor environments, single family homes and neighborhoods, garden style and high-rise buildings or MDU/MTU applications.

Application Guide Capacity Empty Slack Patch Splice Split Patch & Splice Patch, Splice & Split
UCS Large
SFIT Medium
PAT Small
DTS Small

UCS — Universal Closure Terminal is the full-size fiber deployment solution for indoor/outdoor, residential, commercial, and single or multiple family unit applications. Lightweight and easy to install, UCS terminals offer a large range of configuration options for managing patch, splice, split, and slack storage requirements. Stack enclosures for larger capacity installations.

Install on flat surface with mounting feet (included). Pole mounting brackets are also available.

SFIT — Stackable Interface Terminal is the medium sized fiber deployment solution for indoor/outdoor, residential, commercial and single or multiple family units. Its compact design and small footprint allows flexibility for installation placement with many different options for managing slack storage, patch, splice, and split requirements.

Install on flat surface or pole mount with optional kit. Pole mounting brackets are also available.

PAT — Pedestal / Aerial Terminal offers a flexible solution for FTTH deployments. Designed to fit in pedestals as small as six inches (nominal diameter), these enclosures can be deployed in both greenfield and brownfield projects. Equipped with up to 12 SC/APC adapters, a splice tray, or both. The terminals make the task of distributing individual drop cables easy.

PAT terminals include universal mounting bracket (wall, pole or pedestal). Replacement mounting brackets are also available.

DTS — Drop Terminal System is a compact NID enclosure designed to protect the transition from the outside plant cable to indoor-rated drop in SFU applications. The terminal’s design offers a sleek and unobtrusive profile on the exterior of single-family homes.

Mount on flat surface with screws or appropriate hardware. Cable channel (stackable) is also available.

Fiber Wall Plates offer a termination point for fiber that runs all the way into the premise. Fiber wall plates come in single or double gang size and feature flexibility of access, mounting options and fiber slack storage.

FutureLink™ Accessories are compatible with most fiber terminals. Some accessories are specific to the type of fiber terminal. See the Accessories section for details.

Density-Optimized Systems are designed for medium-to-large MDU projects. These solutions reduce installation time and cost using a plug and play configuration throughout the network. The feed cable is spliced at the curb and the remaining connections are based on splitter cassettes and MPO-type cables making the system ideal for projects where ONTs are in each living unit.