Splitter Housings

Thank you for your interest in the FutureLink™ product line. Effective April 5, 2019, manufacturing and order fulfillment for FutureLink™ products has been transferred to PPC Broadband Inc. (“PPC”).

For more information about these products, please contact PPC’s Customer Service department at 1-800-800-6652 or by email at customerservice@ppc-online.com

These cassette-based splitter enclosures are equipped with a “goalpost” mounting bracket that accepts a range of cassette-based splitters.

This design allows you to more efficiently stock, mixing and matching as needed for each project.

The cassette design also supports “plug and play” installations – no splicing required.

These splitter enclosures are ideal for use on small MDUs, or in a distributed split design for larger MDU projects.

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