RG-6 vs RG-59 Coax Cable

#SuttleSaysWhen considering what type of coax cable in a residential application there are two common choices: either an RG-6 or RG-59 cable type. Though both cables are 75Ω characteristic impedance cable types, RG-59 cable has a 20 AWG center conductor while RG-6 cable has an 18 AWG center conductor.

RG-59 with it’s smaller center conductor is suitable for use with baseband video frequencies, such as composite video, but its high-frequency loss is too great for use with broadcast frequencies over distance greater then a few feet. RG-6 on the other hand provides less high-frequency loss in a manageable size. However, remember that even RG-6 is available in many different quality configurations so be sure to pick a cable with proper shielding and center conductor materials. We recommend a quad-shield RG-6 cable with a solid copper center conductor for most residential installations.