MediaMAX Panels – Bulk Packs

30″ MediaMAX™ Enclosure (empty)
30″ MediaMAX™ Panel with vented cover
30″ MediaMAX™ Panel vented cover.
15″ MediaMAX™ Enclosure (empty)
15″ MediaMAX™ Panel with hinged vented cover.
15″ MediaMAX™ Panel vented cover.
42” SOHO Access™ Enclosure

Suttle is going green for selected bulk packed media panels and covers.
Customers purchasing our bulk packs can save on freight and storage charges, onsite labor costs and onsite waste.



  • Save on Freight & Storage
  • Save on Onsite Labor
  • Save on Onsite Waste
  • Bulk Part Number Equal to Standard Part Number
    MXE-15C-B5 5 MXE-15C-1G2
    MXE-15P-B20 20 MXE-15P-1G2
    MXE-15E-B20 20 MXE-15E-1G2
    MXE-30C-B5 5 MXE-30C-1G2
    MXE-30P-B10 10 MXE-30P-1G2
    MXE-30E-B10 10 MXE-30E-1G2
    SAE-28NYB 24 SAE-28NY
    SAE-42NYB 24 SAE-42NY