MediaMAX Decorator Faceplates

MediaMAX Decorator Faceplates
MediaMAX Decorator Faceplates
MediaMAX 4-port snap-on faceplate
MediaMAX 4-port screw-on faceplate
MediaMAX 2-port snap-on faceplate
MediaMAX 2-port screw-on faceplate
MediaMAX 1-port snap-on faceplate
MediaMAX 1-port screw-on faceplate

MediaMAX decorator faceplates, single gang, white

MediaMAX™ faceplates are designed to match and enhance modern look designs while reducing the number of assembly components.Available in several configurations for use with Suttle’s line of SpeedStar™ modular multimedia jacks & connectors.Snap-on or screw-on mounting.Simple snap-in jack/connector installation.Flush mount over standard J-box or low voltage bracket.



  • Designer look with either snap-on or screw-on mounting
  • Multiple port configurations
  • Compatible with all SpeedStar connectors
  • Compatible with all SpeedStar color bezels for color coding
    Part NumberDescription
    FD-11-SCR-851-port screw-on faceplate – White
    FD-12-SCR-852-port screw-on faceplate – White
    FD-14-SCR-854-port screw-on faceplate – White
    FD-11-SNO-851-port snap-on faceplate – White
    FD-12-SNO-852-port snap-on faceplate – White
    FD-14-SNO-854-port snap-on faceplate – White