15″ MediaMAX™ Panel vented cover.

15″ MediaMAX™ Panel hinged vented cover

The MediaMAX™ panels are designed to meet today's needs for enhanced CAT6 and wireless connectivity as well as house ONT and wireless residential gateways in close proximity to traditional media panels. These panels utilize plastic components wherever possible to minimize wireless interference. Additionally, improved enclosure venting allows for superior heat dissipation.

Compatible with 14" SOHO metal enclosures



Flexible Solution for Premise Equipment

  • Mount ONT’s, Gateways, Battery Backups and wiring modules in a single enclosure
  • Unique mounting bracket and shelf design accepts wide variety of equipment dimensions
  • Modular design for new construction and retrofit

Optimized for wireless connectivity

  • Plastic construction minimizes electrical interference to wireless components

Improved heat dissipation and fire resistance design

  • Unique ventilation design improves airflow and heat dissipation
  • Made of UL 94V-0 rated flame retardant thermoplastic
  • New “closed panel” design meets latest fire resistance criteria for in-wall installation (UL 2416, Issue 2, Section 12.5, Communications Equipment Racks, Cabinets and Enclosures)