Pre-Connectorized PLC Splitters

Pre-Connectorized PLC Splitter

Box Style Splitters

Planar light wave circuit (PLC) splitters are based on the Plasma Chemical Vapor Deposition (P-CVD) technology and its patented fabrication process for providing stable optical performance. Box style splitter module with 1 meter long 2mm tails and SC/APC connectors.
Part Number
SFSM-2B1102AA1M 1 x 2 Splitter
SFSM-2B1104AA1M 1 x 4 Splitter
SFSM-2B1108AA1M 1 x 8 Splitter
SFSM-2B1116AA1M 1 x 16 Splitter
SFSM-2B1132AA1M 1 x 32 Splitter



  • SC/APC Connectors
  • Low insertion loss
  • High maximum power tolerance
  • Excellent splitting uniformity
  • Broadband operating wavelength
  • Compact design
  • Low polarization dependency