42” SOHO Access™ Dual Door Cover
42” SOHO Access™ Dual Door Cover
MediaMAX™ tool-less CAT 6 jack
3GHz F81 Barrel Connector
MediaMAX 2-port screw-on faceplate

Smart CAT6 42" Metal Contractor Kit

Start with the popular SOHO Access metal enclosure* at the rough-in stage, then choose a kit with all the components that meet the project scope and technology requirements. Kits include cover, distribution modules, CAT6/CAT6A jacks, and faceplates — all in one part number.

Creating the most reliable home network connectivity for today’s IoT, automation and connected lifestyle is Suttle’s specialty. Our panels, modules, jacks, and faceplates, are known for quality construction and reliable performance. And the new CAT6A jack offers 10 gigabit speeds for gaming and over-the-top content.

*Order at rough-in stage: 42″ SOHO Access™ Enclosure (SAE-42NY)


The Smart CAT6 42″ Metal Contractor Kit includes:

1 – 42″ Metal Door Cover (SADDC-1428)
1 – SAE Mounting Kit (SAE-ACC-1)
16 – CAT6 Tool-less Data Jack (STAR6000C6T)
1 – 8-port Universal Patch Module (SAM-SP8)
1 – 1×4 COAX RF Splitter (SAM-RFH4)
8 – F81 COAX Connector (STAR500F-C-85)
8 – 2-Port Screw-on Faceplate (FD-12-SCR-85)