Simple Tips for Designing an RF Distribution System

#SuttleSaysA single cable layout is pretty straightforward but there are several things to keep in mind when you design a system.

  1. Better to use a separate amplifier and splitter then having a module that combines both. This will allow you to pick up the best parts and measure how each performs.
  2. Always use top quality parts from your vendor for the CATV industry. This is not the place to cut corners to save money.
  3. The gain in the amp will need to be equal to the loss in the splitter plus the loss of the longest cable run. Your goal is to provide a signal between 0 and +10dB at every wall jack.
  4. Use attenuators on the splitter outputs for short cable runs that result in a signal over +15dB at the outlet.

Other Simple Tips:

  • Keep those outputs terminated! Use self-terminating caps everywhere you can, especially on unused splitter ports.
  • Make sure F connectors are screwed on TIGHT.
  • Make sure braid is 60% and up for best coverage.