The Payoff of Building Connected Homes

Creating smart homes with automation and IoT (Internet of Things) features defines today’s aspirational digital lifestyles—in fact, according to this study more than 28% of Americans already have a smart home product. Even though there are many levels of connectivity, today’s homeowners look forward to having the appropriate Internet connection just as much as having a phone connection was so important many years ago.


While many new homes are wired and connected, existing structures require updates to meet homeowners’ current needs. A wired structure can be updated more easily and offers additional rewards in terms of security and peace of mind.


Read the brief Why Wires Matter More Than Ever for a best practice approach.


Smart homes integrate and streamline common tasks that give homeowners a new level of control. Convenience, efficiency and security are other reasons why people want to purchase a smart home or transform their existing home into one. Devices that promise remote access to heating and cooling, lights, security systems and door locks, and voice-activation—are driving the demand for connected homes.


When it comes to selling or leasing, connected homes draw more interest and have a distinct advantage over conventional homes. Consumers are willing to pay extra for smart homes because automation and smart features increase property values.


However, not all connected homes are the same and the networks that support these systems are not equal. The recommended best practice is to create a home networking strategy based on a wired plus wireless approach where a subnetwork is segregated under a resilient firewall. All devices needing the highest level of security, bandwidth and reliable uptime are wired and reside behind this firewall. Other less sensitive devices can be added to a wireless network for convenience, flexibility and mobility.


MediaMAX products create foundational Securely Connected™ networks that support smart homes utilizing automation technologies and IoT connected devices.


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